About Us

We founded a house that helps dependents who are left without accommodation to get on their feet. Apart from the accommodation, we provide psychologists, and we made them ready to go for job interviews. We can accommodate addicts who did not enter the fourth stage of addiction. Unfortunately, heavy addicts cannot be accepted, but there are places to register. We come with addicts who have left because of their problems, but we are here to give them a second chance and give hope to live.

We work with a social service that regularly provides us with documentation of new addicts who, because of their dependency, have lost home, money, family and friends and work. We help addicts to get ready for job interviews, as you know it’s hard to explain some why-why we are a former addict in their biography.

Locations of our houses

Our homes are, for now, in three cities and each of you has the opportunity to report whether they personally, by mail or via the Internet.


this house has double or triple rooms. Also, each room has a separate bathroom and kitchen. Before that, we have three classrooms where group lectures and sports fields are held.


double rooms and a couple of beds in case someone insists on living alone. In addition to sports grounds, there is also a swimming pool where you can go for recreation.


also double rooms with beautiful garden arranged by residents

How to apply?

To apply for accommodation, you need to fill in the certain documentation that you can download at our office. All documentation can be delivered personally in our premises every working day. You can send mail to our address or apply online, where you need to log in to our site and fill out the application.

Am I eligible for the house?

To provide accommodation in our house, it is necessary to submit documentation signed by a specialist doctor and a psychologist. After that, our commission examines whether the degree of dependence meets the criteria for securing accommodation.


Our recovery service

There are several options regarding accommodation payment. It is possible to pay monthly, i.e. monthly for the month. Also, it is possible to sign an agreement that only after the recruitment begins the repayment time spent in our country. Which means that a small part of the monthly salary is deducted from your monthly salary. Debt repayment period is five years.

You can download all the necessary documentation to us where you can get information that the form is needed by a psychologist to be received. In case you need help, we can fill out the documentation together.

When signing up, you need to list all the abilities and jobs you would like to work in the future so that we can arrange for job interviews.

Our Team

  • George Daniels

    George Daniels

    The owner and founder of this house is George Daniels, a social worker who had his elder brother in the family as the same addict who needed help
  • manager Mike

    manager Mike

    Our house is led by manager Mike who is the best man in this job. He finished for PR manager and is also the best friend with the owner, so he knows what people are going through.