Temporary home, for better tomorrow

This project is helping dependents who do not require rehabilitation. These are mostly addicts who have become aware of time and realized that they made a mistake and wanted to start from the beginning. Rejected from family and friends whether alcohol, drugs, and gambling ask for a new start for us. Since we cooperate with rehabilitation centers, they direct them to us, and we provide them with lodging and help with standing up.


Only the lodging accommodation is complex. To begin with, we need the expert opinion of psychologists and psychiatrists whether it is unlikely that a person will return to the stage of addiction. Also, a short biography is needed to indicate how the onset of addiction occurred to know that these traumas are avoided while they are in our accommodation. In the biography, we are obliged to ask for more types of jobs to make it easier for us to organize job interviews.

What we offer to certain addicts

Research has shown that in the state of Ohio one of the 14 people is addicted to opiates, and one in nine is a heroin addict. It all starts with the curiosity itself, but it grows into the third phase of dependence. Those people who understand what they are doing with their lives come to seek help with us. We offer them accommodations where there are two or three addicts in the room, and never the same addicts. We provide them with some kind of isolation from the rest of the world in order not to come to a temptation to return to the marriage. We organize group lectures and conversations with psychologists who psychologically recruit them. When we see that they are ready and cured we offer them a chance to talk about a job. The largest number of addicts who are registered with us are drug addicts.

As far as alcoholics are concerned, there are fewer ones. These are people who started uncontrolled drinking due to severe childhood or trauma that they survived. It became unbearable for their closest ones, and they were rejected. A large number of people realize that they have to change. A huge number of people are completely recovering and starting a new life from scratch. They have group lectures and exchange experiences in our country.

Gamblers, people who have almost lost everything and who do not have anywhere. A very small percentage is only 0.9%. Spas are looking for us, and it is very difficult for us to decide whether to accept them because they are very psychologically labile and can get into severe depression and not progress. The problem with all addicts is that they are always looking for a new guarantor who will replace the previous ones. Gamblers are ready to start drinking, drugging, smoking, etc. They need more attention and conversations with a psychologist and conversations to avoid the return of gambling again.